Feed Hunger Now was established as a 501(c)3 organization in 2012 by Pardeep Vedi of Sahib Aquaponics who had developed numerous Hybrid Aquaponics and recirculating systems to grow food sustainably.

Following a visit in September 2011, Susanne Friend of Friendly Aquaponics, the first Aquaponics farm to obtain USDA Organic Certification wrote,

“We’ve seen his system, and it is the most amazing hybrid system, with deep-water raft culture (like ours), media bed, vertical towers, and NFT. Combining it all with plants in the ground, water with AP water, he has five (!) different types of Aquaponics going, in what is the most complex system I have ever seen – and it works! And he makes it easy to understand!”

Feed Hunger Now Vision is “A world without hunger”, and it’s Mission is to “Inspire the building of sustainable urban food systems”. In its initial year, over 300 individuals had taken a farm tour of the urban hybrid aquaponics food growing systems and 20 individuals attended a one-day joint training workshop hosted by Sahib Aquaponics and Friendly Aquaponics.


During 2014, two hybrid aquaponics systems were built by interns of Feed Hunger Now that will advance the growing of food sustainably and help eradicate hunger. Local newspapers, radio stations and television stations aired progress of such. This young and growing non-profit organization has the full support of its founder, board members, interns and numerous volunteers to ensure success in this important cause.


Initially we will work locally with individuals, community and non- profit organizations, schools and government agencies to inspire, engage, educate, and empower individuals to grow food sustainably thereby help increase urban food security, reduce hunger and provide better access to nutritious, affordable, fresh, locally grown organic food and domestic green job opportunities.

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