Before interning at the research farm, I never heard of malabar spinach.  I was more used to the “grocery store” spinach.  The type that has small leaves and has a moderate flavor.  When I took my first overflowing bag of malabar spinach home, what struck me was the rate at which it grows.  It grows similar to those stubborn weeds in the front yard.  And most interestingly, it grows on a vine, traveling from the nutrient rich soil to the wooden fence and everywhere in between.  The leaves, which range in size can provide a great addition to a smoothie or soup.  Because there have been many nights where malabar spinach was on the menu, I have learned to be a little creative with my dishes.  As a rule of thumb, the smaller leaves taste wonderful in stri-fry and the larger leaves are best for juicing and making soup stocks.

Proof!!! – Aquaponically grown malabar spinach!!

 So let’s get into the details….

 One cup of malabar spinach contains:

  • 10 Calories
  • less than 1g of total fat
  • no saturated fat or cholesterol
  • 1.3g of carbohydrates and protein
  • 5% of calcium,  iron, magnesium and manganese
  • 13% of folate (water soluble B vitamin)

More information at:

All in all, it is a great green that has a plethora of heath benefits and you can find the seeds online.  Or just come out to one of our upcoming farm tours and get a bag for you and your family.  Just be sure not to get malabar overload.

 Until next time,

 Karolyn Oakley

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