As each week has passed, I have wanted to sit down long enough to put my
thoughts together.  And like clockwork, each week, I walk past the tomato,
papaya and the marigold plants, witnessing their amazing growth.

(Phase 1 Growth spurt: papayas, tomatoes, and marigolds)


And then, there were bananas…or perhaps bluggers!!




Truth be told, I have never actually seen the different phases of a banana tree producing fruit.  Don’t get me wrong.  I have seen banana trees before.  I’ve never had the opportunity to see them in their finishing phases of growth. And it was not until this weekend when a visitor originally from St. Lucia stopped by the farm, and made me aware of the distinction of bananas versus bluggers.  Bluggers are apart of the banana family also called macamboo by the French.  As always, it is nice to meet different people from different backgrounds on the aquaponic journey. 

But as each layer falls away from the budding fruit, I stand watching in amazement.  Mostly because it’s like watching my life story.  As time goes by, layers of doubt, fear, and sadness fall crashing on the ground.  And what is left is something beautiful.   Yet, quite fragile.

I never used to believe my dad when he said that you could learn a lot from plants. But I am finding that to be quite true.  They are quiet, yet they prepare and make the most of their resources.  They wait patiently for their time and make the most of it when such a progression approaches.  That’s what I am attempting to do every day.  To make the most of what I have and to be patient in all things.

Chow for now…….but be on the lookout for more blog posts!!!

Also, take note that we have upcoming farm tours on the first Saturday of the month and internship opportunities available.  A quick hello to Robert and Pete – my fellow interning aquapons.  Hope to see you there!!!


Karolyn Oakley

Facebook:  Kurlyn Drums


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