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Vision: An abundance of sustainably grown local food available to all.

Mission: To increase urban food security by inspiring the building of sustainable urban food gardens and farms using Aquaponics and recirculating farming methods.

Steps to achieving our Mission:

Advocate & Raise Awareness
This is an ongoing process of advocacy, consultancy, speaking engagements, lobbying, using social media and medical support. There are many individuals and organizations now starting to assist in this step.
Inspire & Engage
Offering Facility farm tours, social media blogs and videos, food tasting events and discussion and demonstration of easy of growing food in such sustainable ways
Educate & Empower
Aquaponics “hands-on” training workshops and helping inspire the building of DIY hybrid Aquaponics systems (Zero Lot bases), and/or providing a modular Zero Lot recirculating food growing system. Establish schools – colleges to offering long term training and certificates to recognize such. Provide employments opportunities, possibility of funding – partnerships for new ventures and products.
Help Build Sustainable Urban Food Systems
These would be based upon commercial urban retail centers, medical & Organization specific (eg University), and community residential – recreational – medical tourism etc (see below for some examples). Help build “Micro-Loan” organizations to assist in the establishment of the complete sustainable food chain.
Be The Change
Replicate above in as many places as possible – let others “copy-cat” our work. It is at this stage that we would start to get some satisfaction that we were close to achieving our vision and helping end the hunger epidemic.




“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”


WUCF TV Report on Vermiponics Project

Leaders from IDEAS For Us, USGBC, and Feed Hunger Now teamed up to build a vermiponics system at the Women’s Rehabilitation and Counseling Center, a division of the Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida.

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